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If my insurance company pays for my medical bills after I have been injured, do I still have to pay back my insurance after I settle my bodily injury claim? Following your injury, your automobile insurance and/or your health insurance carrier may have paid medical...

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Things To Do If You’ve Been In a Motorcycle Accident

Springtime in South Dakota begins the motorcycle riding season.  Unfortunately, with the increase in riding comes accidents that injure riders and passengers.  The South Dakota Department of Public Safety reported that motorcycles account for 7.6% of the...

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Doctor Choice After A Work Injury

All too often, injured workers come to me after a work injury and tell me that their employer sent them to the “company’s doctor.”  At first, the employer appears to be doing the injured worker a big favor by sending them to a doctor. But, if the worker’s injury...

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Working With a Managed Care Nurse

Does the insurance company nurse have to go into your doctor’s appointment? Frequently, I’m asked whether the insurance company nurse always gets to go into the examination room when the injured employee is seeing that employee’s treating doctor. Upon reporting an...

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Automobile Insurance – How Much Should I Purchase?

Every State has a mandatory liability insurance law. These laws require all drivers on the roads have liability insurance covering for what is “bodily injury” in case of an accident. Don’t confuse liability insurance with full coverage insurance. Liability insurance...

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What Happens After Reporting a Work Injury?

In a previous blog posting, I wrote about reporting a work injury to the employer.  In this blog, I want to discuss what happens in a worker’s compensation claim immediately after the injured worker reports the injury to the employer. In South Dakota, the...

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Who Pays the Medical Bills After a Work Injury?

After a work related injury, the injured worker’s bills start piling up.  This can be a very stressful time.  Recovering from a serious work related injury is difficult.  It can become even more worrisome when the medical bills start piling up....

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Returning to Work After a Work Injury

I am frequently asked about returning to work after a work injury.  Usually, the worker has the misfortune of being injured seriously enough that the injured worker’s doctor orders the worker to cease all work activities while recuperating from the injury. ...

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Who Pays Medical Bills

Who pays my medical bills after I have been injured in an accident? So, you’ve just been injured in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault and medical bills are mounting. Does the other party’s automobile insurance have to pay your medical bills right away?...

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